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World Public Health 2009 - Go healthy & Happy
20 & 21 May 2009
Istanbul, Turkey

About Us

We at world public health 2009, aims at delivering the right means and measures to help reduce the epidemic that might cause major harm to large groups of people.


New Strategic Approach & Challenges in Public Health

We discuss many ways by which we can effectively approach the epidemic and reach out to help the collective society.


There are many topics from Aids to common cold discussed in here and the approaches the panel had brought we extremely applicable in our daily life. I was throughly impressed by the things that have brought into light.

Roger N. Dupuis


Latest Updates

5 questions to ask a Houston Locksmith before letting them into your home

You would think that in a time where electronic keys and smart locks are so prevalent, that everyone would rarely lock themselves out of their homes and cars. Turns out that is not the reason. Blame it on being careless, distracted or clumsy, whatever the case, having a fine locksmith in Houston on hand is never a bad idea.

And Houston locksmiths are not just handy when it comes to locking yourself out of your vehicle. A reliable expert makes copies of your keys, sets up with new locks and doorknobs in your house, they also install security lock systems, disassemble electric and mechanical locking systems, and more.

But before letting them into your home, there are five questions you should ask Houston, locksmith, to make sure you are choosing the right one.

Ask About Their Skills

There’re lots of Houston locksmiths experts to choose from, so how can you narrow your choices down and select the perfect one? Start by asking them what type of skills and specialties they offer. If you are looking for somebody to help you get into your locked vehicle, for instance, you need to hire a skilled car locksmith.

A fine auto locksmith can help you with altering your broken or lost keys, unlocking your vehicle door, transponder key issues and much more. Ensure you hire somebody who can manage your specification

Do They Provide a Warranty?

You need to hire a locksmith that can stand behind their job, so finding one that provides a warranty is vital. Steer clears warranties that do not cover at last one month. A fine locksmith will use the warranty term to keep tabs on their job and ensure new issues have not come up in the meantime. They’ll guarantee the work quality and ensure that you, as the client, are fully satisfied with the outcomes.

Ask About Prices

One of the largest reasons that people go with one locksmith in Houston over another is based on prices. Do not forget to ask for a quote before you pick your expert. Remember that some locksmiths change hourly prices and others charged based on the complexity of the locksmith job at hand. Ensure you also ask about any hidden prices or additional charges.

Do They Provide Emergency Services?

Anybody who has locked themselves out of their house wants to find a locksmith to get them back in as fast as possible. These situations often happen when you are already late for a job or have an important meeting, so time is of the essence.

So lock for a Houston locksmith that handles emergency conditions around the clock. If you are stranded somewhere at 1 a.m. you need somebody who can come to your help rapidly.

Are They Certified?

Asking a Houston Locksmith about their certification will help you determine if they have undergone expert training. You need somebody with the correct skills to do the task well, and locksmiths in Houston that are certified are more likely to be fine at work what they do than those who are not.

5 Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents and how to avoid them?

These days, bicycling continues to soar in fame. If you are one of the growing numbers who has taken up the sport, you’ll enjoy improved wellness and health, the camaraderie of the other bicyclists, among several other advantages that are unique to every rider.

Not to deter you from bicycling, but it is vital to be perfectly aware of the hazards that entire too often befall cyclists when on the way. Bicyclists are often at mercy of the cars on the roads. And despite rules aimed at protecting cyclists, accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate.

According to our research and from the research given out by Lyons Snyder  specialists in bike accident lawsuits in Plantation, the number of cycle-related wounds and deaths is lower than it was some years ago, but examples of motorbike fatalities are still much too high.

Speed Too Fast

While cyclists usually do not ride at the pace of bikes, that does not mean they should ride as quick as possible. Serious wounds and deaths can be linked to the pace of travel. Other cars on the road, terrain, route conditions and weather conditions are entire factors that should be taken into account when determining a safe speed to journey while riding.

Inattentive Riding

Just as car drivers are more distracted by devices, so are cyclists. When you’re on your bike, you never wish to take the eyes of the route in front of you. Though, too many bicyclists are looking down at their mobiles, iPods or other similar technology while riding. Emailing, messaging, surfing and other mobile usages in motion have become a serious public health risk.

Intersection or Lane Merging

Cyclists are considering cars in several states, under the law; they’ve similar rights and responsibilities as cars. Though, the caveat is that cyclists are needed to stay on the right way of the road, unless turning, avoiding a thing, or safety needs they ride in the mid or left side of the lane.

Cyclists must obey traffic lights and stop symbols and use signals when turning. Too many bicyclists are lost every year due to failure to follow the laws of the road.

Riding too close to a Lane of Car Traffic

Drivers should leave at least 2 ft from the widest point of both their car and the cycle. More than 15 other states need motorists to provide cyclists 3ft of space when in the same line. Cyclists should never assume cars will leave them much of space to safely operate their car. It can be safer to use shoulder lane/sidewalks than the correct of a roadway. It is vital to know which stretches of local highways and freeway prohibits bicyclists.

Sidewalk, Parking Lot, and Driveways

Parking lot lanes, sidewalks, and driveways tend to be more confined than highways so there can be less time to avoid an accident and a higher threat of incident. Riding in these areas needs additional caution and proactive skill to foresee what might occur. You never need to assume a car is stopped when they’d or going to see you.

Best ways to secure your home health with the latest technology?


The arrival of the internet has enhanced connectivity. With the enhanced technology, it’s currently possible to link different devices. The link is not just limited to mobiles and computers; it has expanded to connecting all like the door locks, garage doors, door bells, lights, speakers, electronic devices, clocks, etc.

Technology permits these devices to communicate, and send info and follow your instructions. You can manage the items of your home with home automation. There’re several benefits of house automation like saving excess security and power consumption.

Home automation can play a huge part in making your home secure. You can keep in full eye on your house even when you’re on a short trip or long journey. Here’re some best ways to secure your home with advanced technology.

Door Locks with Wireless technology

Smart locking systems are a vital part of home automation. The arrival of these lock systems has assisted in making the homes more secure. There’re smart lock systems that can be linked to your mobile with Bluetooth tech or by utilizing an application.

This locking system will be capable to detect your presence automatically. There’re smart locking systems that are linked to all of the automation locking systems. These locks help to inform other items like thermostat, lights that you’re inside the house or you’ve left it.

It’s a feature that helps in saving energy. The lock systems with wireless technology are more secure, but one with a Wi-Fi locking system has more features to offer. The Wi-Fi connected locks contributed to monitoring the locking system even when you’re away on long tours.

Remote monitoring utilizing security cameras

Before the arrival of the internet, it was not possible to keep a full eye on your house while you’re at work or on a tour. But currently, remote monitoring has become totally possible.

You can get video feed and image of the house even if you’re miles away. You can link the security cameras to your mobiles and have a vision of your house. You can check at your house when you need.  If somebody tries to meddle with security, you’ll get the notification. There’re some devices which offer advanced features of arming o disarming the security. Some applications will assist in sending any fire alarms as well.

Mobile Phone controlled sensors

There’re several best quality home security kits that offer hose sensors. They can sense your presence as you leave or enter the home automatically. You can install the security sensors on windows and doors. You can use simple and smooth motion gestures to determine your identity.

The sensors can simply be controlled with your mobile phones or other Smart devices. They can detect motion in the rooms and hallways as well. You can activate these security sensors when you leave for a tour. When they detect movement, you’ll receive a notification. You will be informed rapidly in case of a force entrance. A few sensors have the feature of indoor sirens.

5 Health Benefits of regular air duct cleaning


If you have wondered in duct cleaning is truly essential, it’s. It is just as advantageous to have your air ducts cleaned as it is to have your home or business plumbing drains cleaned.

One fact that cannot argue with is that any sort of contaminants inside the air ducts, whether it is allergens or something worse, get blown into the house by the air flowing via the HAVC unit. The constant circulation keeps drawing the dirt and dust back through the system.

Duct cleaning does provide some huge advantages

Allergy Relief

Duct cleaning will go a very long way to eliminating the contaminants and allergens that reason breathing issues. If you offer from asthma, allergies or any breathing-related health condition, yearly duct cleaning is vital for your well being and comfort.

  • Reduces other irritants
  • Removes dust mites
  • Removes pollen

Less Dusting

Take a deep look at the hanging light fixture and ceiling blades in your house. Also, look at the air vent covers. Note that thick coat of dark dirt or dust hanging off in places? This is a certain sign that dust is constantly being around your house. A good coat will settle on each surface of the home until you use a duster to fully clean it off. Some days later, dust is starting to coat each surface again.

Contact a duct cleaning expert and put the duster back in the cabinet where it actually belongs. Once your air ducts are clean, you will be dusting once a month instead.

Removes Contaminants

The finest thing you’d notice in your air ducts is stashed money, but more often than not it is some sort of contaminant or debris. The fact is that you never really know what sort of contaminants are in your air ducts. As duct cleaning experts we, find all sorts of unwanted things in ventilations units.

  • Rodent droppings
  • Insects and droppings
  • Mold
  • Odors
  • Dead critters

Restores AC Energy Efficiency

When the AC has to work harder to cool your house, it would not operate effectively and it would not last as long as it’d. Any sort of blockage in the air ducts will make the air conditioner work harder to push air into the ducts. During the cleaning parts of the HAVC unit are also be cleaned. The procedure decreases backpressure issues caused by air ducts blockage and helps to a machine to run more efficiently.

If you do not believe this is true, just ask a skilled HAVC cleaning expert if certain parts do not need to be cleaned regularly to avoid some breakdowns and improve energy efficiency.

Removes Unpleasant Odors

Cigarette smoke for one generates a stink that coats the ducts. The smells of a cooked meal, household chemicals and more get stuck to the inside of the dirty, dusty ductwork. Then when your Air conditioner furnace kicks in, the odor and dust are blown through your home. Duct cleaning removes grime and dust along with any smells that are stuck to it.

Will my Insurance Cover my replacement Windshield in Scottsdale

Will my insurance cover my replacement windshield in Scottsdale?

Car windshield repairs are a viable alternative to windshield replacements in few cases, such as when the damage is smaller than the value of a quarter and not in the driver’s direct line of viewing. Most insurance companies, though not entire, will waive the deductible for these repairs regardless of the state the policy holder lives in. this is considered a courtesy and is not usually mandated by state insurance law.


Because of the high cost of the insurance, several car owners pick to carry only liability coverage on their cars to meet their states minimum insurance needs, and those policies pay just for damage to other cars. People must have current car insurance policies that cover comprehensive damage to their car in order eligible for windshield replacement or repair with no deductible.

Some insurance firms have certain policies that include comprehensive coverage but need policy holders to buy additional coverage if they need the option of free windshield repeal cement.

In Scottsdale, car windshield replacement is covered by comprehensive insurance.

There’re 3 times of insurance:

  • Accident Insurance– covers damage to the insured’s vehicle and the other motor vehicle if there’s a collision
  • Comprehensive Insurance– includes the full protection of the liability and accident insurance and adds protection for a car that is not involved in a collision, such as a rock hitting a car windshield and reasoning damage
  • Liability Insurance– covers the damage through to another car in the event of a collision only

It is vital to contact your insurance firm to know what sort of policy you’ve, what the insurance policy covers, and the amount of deductible if you’ve one.

If you need to have a car windshield repaired or replaced, the law allows you to pick the company that works on your vehicle. Select one with a fine reputation. Reliable Glass works with every insurance company and will ensure you’re well taken care of.

If I do not have Insurance?

Need your car windshield replaced in Scottsdale but do not have an insurance policy, then always choose an affordable and experienced car windshield technician for the perfect windshield repair and replaced jobs.

Understanding How windshield Coverage Works

  • Having no insurance – need car windshield to replace or repair but do not have insurance, search and find the best and reliable windshield technician in Scottsdale for best windshield repair prices for no insurance claims. Note: this is a very important step when choosing a windshield technician because it’s a critical job and needs a professional and high trained person.
  • Having Full Coverage – normally the complete coverage you had to obtain via a line holder includes something called comprehensive coverage, which includes full coverage against fires, storms, road debris (animals) and vandalism.

In Scottsdale – you have the option of buying a separate car windshield endorsement or waiver when you buy car insurance. If you have such a waiver or endorsement, you’ll not need to pay your complete deductible when you’ve your car windshield replaced.



Tummy Tuck Houston, TX | Texas Center for Breast and Body


Improve Your Appearance with a Tummy Tuck in Houston, TX

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of excess belly fat and love handles, consider a tummy tuck. Sometimes, frequent exercise and a healthy diet still aren’t enough to give you the body you want and deserve. If this is the case for you, a tummy tuck can get you the rest of the way to your perfect body. If you’re in the Houston, TX area, Texas Center for Breast and Body can perform your tummy tuck procedure. Schedule a consultation today. Their SEO Agency SearchButlers agrees

Mini Vs. Regular Tummy Tuck

There are a few different kinds of tummy tucks and associated procedures you may want to consider when looking into fat-removing operations. In a regular tummy tuck, the entire abdominal skin is lifted and pulled tight. Mini tummy tucks are similar procedures, but they involve lifting only the lower part of the abdomen and muscle weakness is not addressed. Liposuction, while serving a similar function to a tummy tuck, is quite different. A liposuction procedure only removes fat cells beneath the skin, while a tummy tuck in Houston both removes fat and tucks sagging abdominal skin.

Preparing for a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is an excellent option for those who have just lost a lot of weight. Women who have recently given birth or who have had multiple children are also great candidates for a tummy tuck. Once you have scheduled a procedure, there are a few ways you can prepare yourself. Stay away from smoking excessive sun leading up to the procedure. Maintain a light exercise regimen and eat healthy without depriving yourself of food. Remember to plan for someone to drive you home after your tummy tuck.

 The Tummy Tuck Procedure, Post-Op, and Scar Reduction

A tummy tuck surgery typically lasts two to five hours and involves general anesthesia. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles closer together. After the procedure, it’s normal to experience pain and swelling for several days and may require a night of hospital stay. Usually, patients can return to work after five to seven days but should avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for six weeks. Although scarring is permanent, it will fade over time.

The Cost of a Tummy Tuck in Houston

The total cost of a tummy tuck varies based on the individual, but the surgery typically costs from $6,000 to $12,000. When you have your consultation, your surgeon can discuss with you the costs and benefits of the procedure. They will help you decide if a tummy tuck or liposuction is best for your body goals and instruct you on what to do pre- and post-operation. Contact Texas Center for Breast and Body for your consultation today.

The best healthcare conferences of 2019

Health IT summit

Every year the medical organizations conduct healthcare conferences, which consists of events focused on the new technologies and programs for better healthcare management. There are several conferences throughout the year which have a certain purpose and specific health issues to tackle. These conferences work as a medium to connect different healthcare industries and open new opportunities in the field of medicine.

There have been several healthcare conferences which took place throughout the world, but few of them have been really important, especially for the biggest medical industries. These conferences include


Digital Health Summit @ CES 2019

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest tech convention in the world hosted by Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a consumer technology association event which also hosts the Digital Health Summit. The medical executives like those who specialize in Air Ambulance Services, engineers, academics and clinicians come together to share over 80 innovations every year. The topics range from artificial intelligence and wearables to digital therapeutics and sleep tech. It also hosts a space for the newest healthcare IT solutions to get displayed for attendees to interact with and try out. It is one of the biggest summits which focuses on novel technologies on major health problems.


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society also hosts a special HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, which offers one of the most comprehensive conventions to medical industries. It has several workshops and symposia featuring keynote speakers who cover topics ranging from clinical engagement to entrepreneurship. The annual HIMSS conference hosts more than 40,000 healthcare IT professionals and attendees and displays the latest innovations in relation to healthcare IT.


Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics Magazine is another major association which hosts one of the most attended healthcare conferences in the world. It hosts a series of educational events where the attendees can get full-day sessions on cybersecurity, population health, artificial intelligence, data analytics, clinical workflow, telehealth and U.S. public policy. The attendees can expect to be ahead of other people in knowing the latest technologies related to the healthcare industry.

CIO Healthcare Summit

CDM Media hosts the CIO Healthcare Summit every year in New York, which focuses on connecting the industry executives and IT professionals to explore healthcare technology. It is supposed to be an educational experience for the attendees and provides ample opportunities to participate in in-depth discussions about the ongoing growth of the healthcare industry.


The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has been hosting this conference for 90 years. This conference is focused on data privacy, cybersecurity and healthcare IT management. The workshops in this event examine how healthcare IT products can be leveraged to improve care in the realms of behavioural health, physician practice and public advocacy. There are also discussions over electronic health record lessons along with the new technology updates in the medical industry.