5 Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents and how to avoid them?

5 Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents and how to avoid them?

These days, bicycling continues to soar in fame. If you are one of the growing numbers who has taken up the sport, you’ll enjoy improved wellness and health, the camaraderie of the other bicyclists, among several other advantages that are unique to every rider.

Not to deter you from bicycling, but it is vital to be perfectly aware of the hazards that entire too often befall cyclists when on the way. Bicyclists are often at mercy of the cars on the roads. And despite rules aimed at protecting cyclists, accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate.

According to our research and from the research given out by Lyons Snyder  specialists in bike accident lawsuits in Plantation, the number of cycle-related wounds and deaths is lower than it was some years ago, but examples of motorbike fatalities are still much too high.

Speed Too Fast

While cyclists usually do not ride at the pace of bikes, that does not mean they should ride as quick as possible. Serious wounds and deaths can be linked to the pace of travel. Other cars on the road, terrain, route conditions and weather conditions are entire factors that should be taken into account when determining a safe speed to journey while riding.

Inattentive Riding

Just as car drivers are more distracted by devices, so are cyclists. When you’re on your bike, you never wish to take the eyes of the route in front of you. Though, too many bicyclists are looking down at their mobiles, iPods or other similar technology while riding. Emailing, messaging, surfing and other mobile usages in motion have become a serious public health risk.

Intersection or Lane Merging

Cyclists are considering cars in several states, under the law; they’ve similar rights and responsibilities as cars. Though, the caveat is that cyclists are needed to stay on the right way of the road, unless turning, avoiding a thing, or safety needs they ride in the mid or left side of the lane.

Cyclists must obey traffic lights and stop symbols and use signals when turning. Too many bicyclists are lost every year due to failure to follow the laws of the road.

Riding too close to a Lane of Car Traffic

Drivers should leave at least 2 ft from the widest point of both their car and the cycle. More than 15 other states need motorists to provide cyclists 3ft of space when in the same line. Cyclists should never assume cars will leave them much of space to safely operate their car. It can be safer to use shoulder lane/sidewalks than the correct of a roadway. It is vital to know which stretches of local highways and freeway prohibits bicyclists.

Sidewalk, Parking Lot, and Driveways

Parking lot lanes, sidewalks, and driveways tend to be more confined than highways so there can be less time to avoid an accident and a higher threat of incident. Riding in these areas needs additional caution and proactive skill to foresee what might occur. You never need to assume a car is stopped when they’d or going to see you.

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