The best healthcare conferences of 2019

The best healthcare conferences of 2019

Health IT summit

Every year the medical organizations conduct healthcare conferences, which consists of events focused on the new technologies and programs for better healthcare management. There are several conferences throughout the year which have a certain purpose and specific health issues to tackle. These conferences work as a medium to connect different healthcare industries and open new opportunities in the field of medicine.

There have been several healthcare conferences which took place throughout the world, but few of them have been really important, especially for the biggest medical industries. These conferences include


Digital Health Summit @ CES 2019

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest tech convention in the world hosted by Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a consumer technology association event which also hosts the Digital Health Summit. The medical executives like those who specialize in Air Ambulance Services, engineers, academics and clinicians come together to share over 80 innovations every year. The topics range from artificial intelligence and wearables to digital therapeutics and sleep tech. It also hosts a space for the newest healthcare IT solutions to get displayed for attendees to interact with and try out. It is one of the biggest summits which focuses on novel technologies on major health problems.


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society also hosts a special HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, which offers one of the most comprehensive conventions to medical industries. It has several workshops and symposia featuring keynote speakers who cover topics ranging from clinical engagement to entrepreneurship. The annual HIMSS conference hosts more than 40,000 healthcare IT professionals and attendees and displays the latest innovations in relation to healthcare IT.


Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics Magazine is another major association which hosts one of the most attended healthcare conferences in the world. It hosts a series of educational events where the attendees can get full-day sessions on cybersecurity, population health, artificial intelligence, data analytics, clinical workflow, telehealth and U.S. public policy. The attendees can expect to be ahead of other people in knowing the latest technologies related to the healthcare industry.

CIO Healthcare Summit

CDM Media hosts the CIO Healthcare Summit every year in New York, which focuses on connecting the industry executives and IT professionals to explore healthcare technology. It is supposed to be an educational experience for the attendees and provides ample opportunities to participate in in-depth discussions about the ongoing growth of the healthcare industry.


The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has been hosting this conference for 90 years. This conference is focused on data privacy, cybersecurity and healthcare IT management. The workshops in this event examine how healthcare IT products can be leveraged to improve care in the realms of behavioural health, physician practice and public advocacy. There are also discussions over electronic health record lessons along with the new technology updates in the medical industry.


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